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Happy Taco Thoughts
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Send us your deep thoughts, shots of your taco in action, or just say "Hey taco dudes!" and we'll share in Tiger Taco La-la Land! [Or take our short SurveyMonkey!~]
[Comments and opinions are NOT endorsements on Tiger Taco, our patent pending utility invention(s), our company, or even ourselves as people (see my Blog for that stuff). The only official validation we want is from the patent office, OSHA, and the EPA (we will move the needle on "reuse first" recycling numbers). We share comments here as, at times, it's the only reward from shouting in the wilderness; for us it's always about making friends and selling tacos, but I'm never certain about others' perspectives and so I try to give links to show context; but basically these are just great people who took the time to say something kind to a couple of simple taco makers (sometimes out of guilt or pity I'm sure). So please let me know if this doesn’t sound right or if I’m wrong for publishing these things, or even better yet join this list of our heros by yelling Hey taco dudes!~]
What people have said:
“We've been using these wonderful little devices for some time now. We also got some for our food box agencies and they too love them. I recommend them for anyone having to pack boxes!” --Bob, United Food Bank (Bob is a great man in a fantastic organization serving a vital need. We gave them Tiger Tacos after we saw one of his people being “attacked by a box” in the Arizona Republic. We are trying to figure a way to give Tiger Tacos to all America’s Second Harvest Food Banks; let us know if you’d like to help because Tiger Tacos make some tasks better and that helps more people!)

“I received your package on Friday... perfect timing... we were in the middle of a move ourselves and the Tiger Tacos came in very handy... what a great concept! Thank you for your kindness.” --Scott, Imagitas, Inc. (Scott is one of my heroes for not laughing when I talked to him about getting Tiger Tacos into The Mover’s Guide; we’ll figure out a way when we get POP at the USPS, but it’s great to be able to give someone something cool to think about!

“Oh my gosh! I started packing a couple of days ago, ‘final move on Sunday’.... and my son and I have been fighting (not in a bad way) over the Taco Tiger. I would love to do a ‘testimonial’ for you saying how wonderful they are. Wow, it truly makes such a difference.” --Bobbi, Premier Agency of Arizona (Bobbi is a bubbling, vibrant beauty who’s blown the doors off of several industries over the years I’ve known her; being the “Ragin’ Cajon” and a girly-girl on the move made her an ideal taco tester.)

“Those tiger tacos are a GREAT idea... I'm always looking for something to do what they do.” --Susan, The Zibra Company (This is the best “we’ll work with you and your idea” company I have ever seen; I contacted them because of their “Open it!” tool for “Wrap Rage” and fell in “lust” with their attitude and quality--if you have an idea and don’t know where to start, you should go here.)
“Simply brilliant” dhwork on YouTube

“Sure ~ big boxes will be frustrated …” --Manhae on “Think of the idea of ‘something’ or maybe ‘seebreeze’” (translated from Korean by Google; we wish we could contribute to the chat; cardboard box flaps suck all over the world!~)

“^^I was just strange to me. Blah” --Pyeonchanghui on “Think of the idea of ‘something’ or maybe ‘seebreeze’” (Yep, we’d love to know what is “lost in translation” and answer these universal “why no corner version” posts; we like ? as it assumes a need for something to stop box-flap hassles)

George and I try to get out and hang with crazy people focused on starting and running businesses. We were impressed by the great people putting together and attending “Club Entrepreneur” and so we try to stuff them (and others; just ask) with free Tiger Tacos to see what happens and get comments:

“What is tiger taco?” --Netty, Taste of Arizona

“Thank you for the Tiger Tacos! They are great! I started to use them today as I packed. I really appreciate you sending them to me!” --Julie, Lanick

“Thanks – I’ll take you up on your offer! I must ask, what the heck is it?” [After he got some]: “Frankly, I had to use about ½ gallon of Pace just to get them down. Very kind of you to send them to me & to help with my technological impairment.” --Randy, Mahaffy Hurwitz Law Firm, P.C. (We like funny people; I’ll ask how it feels to pass a pound of steel; we're always glad to help people out, even when it's not about Tiger Tacos!)

“This a great closing gift for agents to provide their buyers and sellers. I'd love to try one out!” --Stephanie, EXIT Realty

“Looks like a great solution to a real problem. Looking forward to using those on my next move”. --Derek, Gumblasters (drinking at one event he copped to how the tacos worked great at his last party holding garbage bags in his recycling boxes; Derek is always thinking about cleaning stuff up right and easy!~)