Tiger Tacos Make Boxes Better

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Tiger Tacos simply make packing and unpacking boxes easier.

You just fold down a flap and slide on a taco; in seconds, a box is just a box; with the flaps out of the way, you get more space, convenience, and less hassle with great ergonomics.

Ideal for people moving or shipping, companies manufacturing and distributing goods, and just about anyone using cardboard boxes.

4 ABS (plastic) Tiger Tacos $8.95 - FREE Shipping

Our Plastic Tiger Tacos are perfect for just about every box and situation.

Our best sellers are over 1/2 pound of hot injected ABS plastic, are made in Taiwan, Republic of China, and are virtually indestructible.
Metal Tiger Tacos - Here ... By Request

Steel Tiger Tacos are ideal for professionals and people who enjoy the best!

One full pound of 20 Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel, Laser Cut, Powder-Coated, baked to 400-degrees, and hand finished in the United States of America.
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So, you want a LOT of tacos!?!
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